Ryan Fairley is a sadistic sexual predator

six year old pix

  Do you know this creep?  Those are about 6 year old photos of Ryan Fairley.  
This piece of shit has essentially been trying to destroy me for 9 years.  I 
have no clue why he has so much hate for me. I'm trying to find anyone who 
knows him and can maybe shed some light on what's wrong with him.  If he's not 
a sadistic sexual predator, it would have to mean he's seriously mentally ill.

If you know him, or especially, if you've suffered from the twisted 
psychosexual games like he's been playing on me, please share your experience 
with me at admin@ryanfairley.org. If you know him and can't believe he could be 
like that, neither could I.  It took me years to finally realize that Ryan 
Fairley isn't the wonderful, really sweet young man I thought he was.  He's 
very deceptive and I'm pretty sure he's at least close to being a pathological 
liar.  I know virtually nothing he ever said to me turned out to be the truth.  
Please, heed this as a warning if you're friends with him.

All of his behaviour and the claims he's made have been nonsensical, 
inexplicable, and it's left me utterly baffled, which is the main source of the 
trauma he's inflicted on me.  After leading us into an online relationship that 
was quite serious as far as I could tell, he revealed his true feeling which 
were nothing but hateful hostility and contempt.  He led me on and constantly 
encouraged my feelings and then turned into a sadistic monster, using what he 
knew of my emotional problems, of my hyper-sensitivities and of what meant the 
most to me to inflict the most distress and trauma as he could, he was utterly 
callous and cruel and without even a hint of remorse or compassion.  It still 
just dumbfounds me, it's all so unbelievable that he could really be that 
despicable and deplorable a human being, but that's what he truly is

Sp please, anyone seeing this who knows anything at all about this 
reprehensible human being, could you do me and anyone else who might need to 
know a favor and tell me what you know?  Below are some of the details, and a 
link to another page with tons more details.  It's a really ugly story about a 
really ugly piece of shit who did really ugly things to me for no other reason 
than his own twisted pleasure.
Ryan Fairley is a sadistic monster.

Ryan Fairley is a sexual predator.

Ryan Fairley is grossly dishonest and deceitful, he's likely a pathological liar.  

Ryan Fairley is heartless, thoughtless, uncaring, he could be a sociopath.

Ryan Fairley, knowingly and intentionally treated me with callous cruelty, used 
his knowledge of my emotional and psychological problems to inflict a soul and 
ego shattering blow causing me extreme emotional distress with long term 
traumatic and debilitating consequences.   There was no justification for 
this.  Without a hint of remorse, he behaved with a horrible casual 
callousness, he simply didn't care what he was doing to me and said so.
I think I know what this all was, and it's petty, it's quite depraved for 
utterly petty reasons.  Consider Ryan telling me this:

     The thought of you seeing pictures of me nude, and watching those videos
is incredibly erotic for me...

    Here's records of the immediate aftermath of entertaining the relevant 
thoughts, to aid this discussion :

Censored cocks
When he deigned to speak at me after disappearing for over 2 months and I was pretty hysterical by that time, he said this: ...I kept going partly because I didn't know what else to do, and partly out of excitement that I was seen as an object of desire. He 'kept going', meaning for days, weeks, he let me go on about how much I loved him, how much he meant to me, how I gave myself to him whole, body and soul, and he would tell me he felt nearly the same, and all the while, I meant nothing to him, it was all so he could get some erotic excitement and have his ego stroked about how hot he was. When he could get no further value from this, he just disappeared, throwing me away like a used condom and with less compassion.. As he said, he didn't care, he didn't give the slightest of shits about what his behaviour was obviously going to do to me. It would be devastating for anyone, but for someone in my position and with my emotional and psychological issues, it was terribly destructive--9 years later and I'm still scarred, still broken and Ryan still doesn't give the slightest of shits, he'd rather harm me more than make any effort at all to help me. He refuses to admit to what he did, so he sure ain't gonna accept his responsibility for the consequences of his behaviour. In fact, apparently, he is going to continue to lie, playing the victim, trying to claim I did him some terrible wrong. All I did was love him more than anyone before, and for that, Ryan has tortured and tormented me, significantly diminished my life, turned everything darker and more depressing, and robbed me of the ability to get joy out of much of anything. His parents adamantly support and aid him in his dishonest BS making them no better, they're all lying sacks of shit, depraved assholes, morally bankrupt cowards and weasels. I don't know why he did this. I don't know why he continues to act with such hate and contempt. I did NOTHING to warrant even the slightest ill-will much less this extreme reaction.

Ryan Fairley is a sadistic sexual predator, I should know, I'm a victim of his 
callous cruelties and the twisted games he plays.  For years, I couldn't 
believe he could possibly be such a despicable human being, I thought he would 
realize the harm he caused me and would apologize and at least try to undo some 
of the damage he did.  I was naive, foolishly so.

After 6 1/2 years  I'd waited long enough, too long, way too long.  If he 
wasn't a sadistic monster, he would have long since tried to do right by me.  
I've now spent the last 2 years trying to get him to help me, or even just 
admit to what he did and accept some responsibility for the terrible 
consequences of the cruelties he inflicted on me.  His response to my efforts 
to ask him for help, then beg him, then abjectly beg him was to slam the door 
in my face so he wouldn't hear me.  Not once has he even acknowledged a single 
message I've sent.  I have no way of knowing if he's seen, much less read, any 
of them.  I was forced to keep trying on the chance he'd see one and somehow 
feel he had to respond, but no luck.

In fact, without once telling me to stop, or telling me anything 
whatsofuckingever, Ryan is such a sniveling coward and pathetic weasel he went 
to the police, trying to play the victim FFS and filed a CRIMINAL harassment 
complaint against me.  As if years of the torment due to his 
unconscionable behaviour isn't worth considering next to the incredible 
hardship of ignoring my messages!

I tried to get some help from his parents, Debra and Steven Fairley, but 
they're both as grossly dishonest as their spawn, who ran to them so he could 
try to hide behind mummy and daddy as well as the police.  And they let him 
they also went to the police and filed the same CRIMINAL complaint against me 
with the same zero justification.  They're not just shielding a sexual predator 
helping him avoid responsibility for his heinous behaviour, they're actually 
aiding and abetting him by further victimizing me.  I sent a letter to all 3 of 
them demonstrating how utterly disonest they all were in virtually everything 
about this whole situation, of course, being nothing but cowards and weasels 
who can't defend their own words or deeds, they didn't reply.  You can read it 

Steven works a a driving instructor at PDW Driving School in the Chichester 
area and Debra is a Teacher's Assistant somewhere, I haven't been able to find 
out where.  In other words, both of them work with students of some kind, is it 
a good idea to have anyone who will shield a sexual predator and even help him 
victimize others work around students?  I've let daddy's employer know about 
who he is but I need to find out where mummy works, anyone who knows please 
inform me at admin@ryanfairly.org, or let the school know yourself.

I was a depressed and very lonely old man with serious emotional and 
psychological issues.  Ryan lured into a relationship, he constantly encouraged 
me, even sending me videos and pictures to further entice me and inflame my 
feelings. See pix and video stills below.   It was all just a sick twisted game 
he was playing.  He exploited his knowledge of my emotional problems and my 
hyper-sensitivities as well what he knew I most valued, all to inflict the 
maximum amount of trauma possible.  With horrible contempt, he just tossed me 
away casually, cavalierly and without a thought, not a hint of remorse.  He 
shattered my soul and did a jig on the shards, and he's still trying to make 
things worse for me as I try to get him to stop.  He used me for some perverted 
pleasure, the ugly games he played have left me damaged, my life significantly 
diminished ever since, virtually every day turned into grim ordeals, and he 
doesn't care, not in 8 1/2 years has he ever shown the slightest hint of real, 
honest remorse. 

These are truly twisted, deplorable human beings.  I've done all I can, the 
only avenue I have left is this one, to expose what they've done to me in a 
public space trying to get as many people as may know them to be aware of who 
they really are and what they're capable of.  If you know Ryan, you likely know 
he's capable of such disturbed behaviour, if so, please share this with me.  If 
you think Ryan isn't like that, you don't really know him that well, or you 
have managed to not get in between him and some reality he needs to believe.  
It took me years before I could believe that sweet young man I thought I knew 
was just a mask hiding the ugly truth beneath, and it's a very ugly thing 
Censored cocks

I'm also in real need of finding others he's victimized, or anyone who knows Ryan is capable of such sick behaviour.If anyone reading this can help, please email me: admin@ryanfairley.org. It's my understanding Debra is some kind of teachers aid, so she likely works around children.Anyone who will shield and even help a sexual predator shouldn't be in such a position. Unfortunately, I can't find out where she works.Anyone who can tell me, it would be greatly appreciated.Or, please, inform the school on your own, maybe point them to this web site if nothing else.

Above at the top are the most recent photos I have of Ryan, they're about 6 years old, getting more recent ones is also a priority. The only photo I have of mum is below, I have none of dad.
Also interested in anyone who knows what he does for a living.The last address I have for him was:

13 Fulwood Park Mansions

Chesterwood Drive


S10 5DU

He lived with at mum's place from 2006 to 2012 and then off and on since:

7 Castle Hill Drive




He went to University of Birmingham from 2011-2015.

His Facebook page can be found here.


There are reasons to suspect something isn't right with Ryan.He is very bright and had entered a PhD in physics program at Royal Holloway University of London [RHUL] where he was a TA but, after only 2 months, it was over.  I haven't managed to find out what happened, and, his family got really touchy when asked about it.  I did hear a rumour that it involved an underclassman and some kind of impropriety-TAs have considerable power over any underclassman in the courses they're involved in.Below are some other disturbing issues with obvious implications.

There is significant evidence Ryan is likely more than just a sadistic monster, he's also a sexual predator. Consider these tidbits:
He sure has a bit of a disturbing focus on his penis. This is what you'll find on his Facebook page:
Ryan's interest in where he can stick his dick

And there's his gaming ID for League of Legends--Kukenerdarlig. This is a made-up Norwegian word that could be translated as bragging about how great his cock is. Hmmmm

I had a lot of fun trying to figure out what the hell this was. You can see some of my efforts below. I kept figuring that 'bad' could mean great as it does in English slang, but it took awhile to find a source that explicitly said this.

kukenerdarlig-translations.jpg kuken-cock.jpg

Or maybe he's just saying he's weirdly kinky in general???

And then there was the following disturbing exchange. Note how he almost chastises me

because I would have qualms about fucking someone who is unconscious. He's awfully loose

about where he can stick his dick, he uses a gamer ID implying how great a dick he has,

and isn't very concerned about shoving his in someone unconscious??? That IS disturbing

Ryan (1:18 PM): It's not just that, but the way you keep on saying things like that that make me feel so happy certainly help Me (1:21 PM): You mean like telling you that listening to your voice is like being bathed in an aural orgasm, that it gives me little twitches deep inside my gut? That I have never heard a more attractive, inviting voice and would be happy if I never heard another? Ryan (1:32 PM): Yes, exactly like that *he says, feeling rather faint * Me (1:34 PM): Will check out, got to treadmill at the mo. " Yes, exactly like that *he says, feeling rather faint " I'll try to get it to all the way faint. Ryans (1:40 PM): But then I couldn't do anything to you! Ah well, you could still have your fun, I could have mine later Ryan (1:42 PM): If you were to... have your fun... while I was unconcious you would have to film it for my later entertainment Me (1:43 PM): I think that excites you, eh? Ryan (1:45 PM): Maybe Me (1:46 PM): I couldn't do anything like that! But, when you see me in person, that might be the only way you want to have sex with me. Ryan (1:56 PM): " I couldn't do anything like that!" Why? "But, when you see me in person, that might be the only way you want to have sex with me." Why Me (2:01 PM): Why I couldn't have sex with you while you were unconscious? That is just not right, I don't think I could do that, maybe if you explicitly told me to, but it would still be yucky. As to the other, well, I ain't a pretty youngster like you are. Ryan (2:09 PM): Fair enough. It's still consensual, but I guess there are things which rub you up the wrong way, for legitimate reasons or not No, but you're hot
What you did Ryan Fairley:

*     Always acted like and quite often told me my friendship was extremely 
important to you

*     Told me repeatedly how much it meant to you that I was there in your life

*     YOU led us into the relationship

*     Constantly told me you loved me.

*     Constantly told me how your feelings for me were near as profound as mine 
for you

*     Constantly encouraged my feelings for you, you absolutely adored all the 
adoration I gave you

*     Sent me the absolutely unsolicited pics and vids and badgered me to send 
you the same

*     Behaved so as to instigate paranoid reactions from me twice, at least, in 
early May

*     Didn't even try to head off my inevitable reaction to that behaviour, as 
you had said you would, by simply sending me a few words in a PM or IM.

*     Instead of not taking my paranoid reactions seriously, you blew them out 
of proportion

*     Refused to change your attitude when I pointed out how badly you had 
misconstrued what I had claimed

*     Acted like I had done you some wrong when it was you who had acted 
dishonestly, when it was you who refused to act as we had agreed was what to do 
in such a situation

*     Acted with utterly bogus melodramatic outrage when I was near hysterical 
from your awful behaviour, 'disappearing' for days at a time while I 
desperately tried to figure out what was wrong, tried anything I could think of 
to end your hostility never realizing it was all an act

*     In-between these 2 truly deplorable deceptions, you sent the seemingly 
heartfelt and passionate PM insisting how much I meant to you, how powerful 
your feelings for me were, and that you truly loved me

*     When I asked you if you wanted me to go away, you answered "I don't know. 
I don't think so." But that was the last time you willingly communicated with 
me, you disappeared hoping to never ever have any interaction with me again.

*     You did this knowing of my hyper-sensitivity to such disappearance.

*     You chose to torment me for the rest of my life, never to know what 

*     It took over 2 months and I had to pretty much coerce you to get you to 
tell me anything

*     Everything you said to me then was a lie or in some way dishonest-you 
even got hostile at me for asking you for more of an explanation that you said 
a year later I deserved

*     What you did say and the way you said it were unspeakably cruel and you 
had absolutely zero remorse, you even said you didn't care-and you didn't and 
still don't

*     You told me it had all been a big 'oops', you never really had feelings 
for me, never loved me, I never meant a thing to you, even our friendship was a 
sham and I should just fuck off!

*     Yep, that's how you handled ending our relationship, telling me I was too 
awful you couldn't let yourself believe you had ever had any feelings for me 
and I should just fuck off.

*     A year later you leave that travesty of an 'apology' and an 'explanation' 
that is full of BS, where you claim to be 'really really sorry' and 'really 
truly sorry' for what are some horrific behaviours but end it by claiming you 
don't know if you meant a word of it FFS!

*     I don't bother you for over 6 years when the trauma and psychological 
devastation you caused me were making my life difficult to cope with. I tried 
to ask, then beg, then abjectly beg you to help me and you just slammed the 
door in my face so you wouldn't hear a word from me.

*     You chose to make not the slightest effort to help me but went to 
considerable effort to make my life even harder to cope with.

*     You're such a coward and a weasel you refuse to talk to me, you refuse to 
admit to what you truly did to me or accept responsibility for it.

*     You're such a despicable deplorable and dishonest piece of shit that you 
act like I'm the villain, that you're the victim and went so far as to file a 
bogus CRIMINAL complaint against me!

*     You desperately shut off any avenue of communication I find to reach you 
and absolutely refuse to let me know anything about why you're behaving as you 
are, knowing all the while that it's the lack of this info that is the cause of 
my distress and of all the harm you've done to me.

*     In other words, after nine years now, you keep trying to destroy me. I 
don't see any other way to characterize your behaviour.

This is all such heinous, deplorable, vile behaviour, it just isn't possible 
for the person I thought I knew to act like this. It's almost proof it was all 
an act, it was all a twisted game you were playing with the goal of enjoying my 
adoration and then ultimately, really enjoying the aftermath of your 
cruelties-the slow destruction of my soul that you still actively contribute to 
today. There is absolutely no justification for treating me as you did. If you 
weren't trying to hurt me, even destroy me, it would have been really easy to 
not cause me so much distress and trauma, and you certainly could have easily 
helped me tremendously at any time by simply talking to me and you haven't. You 
haven't made the slightest effort to help me, you have been nothing but a toxic 
blight on my life, seriously diminished it in many ways, and turned every day 
into a grim ordeal. All of that easily foreseen if you had bothered to give it 
the least bit of thought. 

These Fairleys are slime, they are filth. How else to characterize
anyone who will malign your character with lies and hide behind an ocean or
their mummy's skirt so they don't have to defend their lies or behaviour? How
else to characterize anyone who will endeavor to kick someone when they're
already down-when they're having real difficulties coping with their life due
to the unspeakable cruelties exhibited by one of them and was seeking help? All
three of them chose, not to help me, but to make my life even more difficult to
deal with. Ryan was well aware of my emotional and psychological problems; he
knew of my weaknesses and of what I valued most and he used that knowledge to
inflict as much pain and trauma as he could. His parents knew this and
apparently approve of his behaviour so much, they decided to join him in
further harming me.

How do you deal with people who are such cowards and weasels they have to act
like you don't exist?

Ryan Fairley is a sadistic sexual predator. His parents support his behaviour
and help shield him from admitting what he is and what he has done--from having
to accept any responsibility for his actions. They are such shameless cowards
and weasels, all three of them have lied to the police, tried to paint me as
the villain and they the victims FFS! All I've asked is for Ryan to admit to
what he did and explain why he behaved as he did. Apparently, to them, that
makes me a monster.

All they can do is ignore me, they have to, they can't support their behaviour
or any of their claims, they can't justify any of it, so they cower, they can't
abide anyone seeing them for who they truly are. They leave me little choice to
defend my character, I am forced to this unfortunate means to expose their
tactics, they're liars, lying is the only tool in their toolbox it seems.